Pole pas de deux

Pole pas de deux

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Pole Pride Day 2012

Pole Pride Day 2012. I guess I was a little early with the blog post I made a few weeks ago. I was talking about the pole dance closet and a few days later I found that someone actually picked September 20 as the official day for people to openly declare that they are part of the complex and misunderstood world of pole dance.

I differentiate between pole dance and pole fitness because the dynamics change when you put the Y-chromosome with a "stripper pole." For some groups especially men, "fitness" is a step up on the evolutionary (stripper, dancer, athlete) pole ladder. I am a male "dancer". I think coming out is much harder for male dancers than female dancers.

The "fitness" thing bypasses the sexy issue. In my book, fitness for men means that you need to hold the Flagpole or Iron-X pole moves for 5 minutes and when you are done with that you need to pummel that pole with a total display of upper body strength and testosterone. If you get more than four inches away from the pole you are going to disappear in a puff of smoke.

I'm out and very proud. So when I tell people I pole dance it means:
  • I don't care what assumptions you might make about my sexuality.
  • I don't go from trick to trick with the music in the background like elevator music.
  • I can get fifteen feet away from the pole and say something without ever uttering a word.
  • Music is everything. I know how to dance under it, with it and count it.
  • I know that you can't fake sexy. Sexy is being yourself and saying it without pretense.
  • There is motion in stillness.
  • A move comes from deep inside and it goes out with your breath.
  • I study lines. I think Vagonova "Russian" school of ballet every time I move a leg or arm. When you are 5' 11" you can make even the simplest move look awesome with length and grace.
  • Telling a story with my body.
  • Being vulnerable
  • Taking risks
  • I'm not always sure of myself.
  • I see more than brass, stainless steel and sex.
  • I am ok with sexy and I like being part of it. I want to be desired. I'm not afraid to admit it.
  • I like performing. Dancers are meant to be seen.
  • Passion is more important than technical ability.
  • I don't want to dance. I need to dance.
Happy coming out day if you are going there. I hope today some guy decides to take a chance and tells the "You gotta do this if you are a manly man" voice in his head to fuck off and pole dances.

P.S. I'm not really big on these so called special days but today I'm going with the flow.


  1. Beautiful post, congrats on being you and not being ashamed. The pole world needs more of your kind