Pole pas de deux

Pole pas de deux

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Black and Orange to Bittersweet

A few days ago I was thinking about watching the ballet In the Night by Jerome Robbins in Vail, CO last summer. It was this crazy collage of Chopin, the difficult partnering, and that beautiful black and orange dress that meant the final pas was staged true to the original.

I was going to write about watching that ballet the first time. Then came a whole bunch of publication deadlines. I'm supposed to be a research scientist and that means publish or perish. So I've been writing research articles.

Then came Pole Pride Day 2012.

Then a few minutes ago this popped up on my Facebook Wall:

Tonight Wendy and Tyler are doing it for the first time on their home stage at NYCB.

But while a voice within me cries
I know heaven will answer my call
And this bitter earth
Ooh, may not be so bitter after all

I've decided to teach the choreography that goes with the pole dance version of This Bitter Earth to my new partner. It's just too beautiful. It belongs with hope and joy.

Black and Orange to Sweet

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