Pole pas de deux

Pole pas de deux

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

No Ugly Dance

I'm seeing more female/male duets in pole dance. The dancers all have young perfect bodies and they are filled with advanced pole moves. Beautiful work. At the same time I'm sure that the simple one I danced in was an honest blend of passion for pole dance with deep roots in the contemporary ballet pas de deux. It hasn't been easy dealing with the complications and broken friendships associated with that dance but I'm proud of it and the story we tried to put into motion.

This summer in Vail, Colorado on August 6 during the Vail International Dance Festival  Christopher Wheeldon premired the entire ballet Five Movements and Three Repeats that inspired me. I watched the tape. Wendy Whelen and Tyler Angle danced the final pas to This Bitter Earth/On the Nature of Daylight. We tried and I think partially captured the soul of everything Wendy and Tyler did and added pole dance. I hope this is my last tear over it. Every time I see a pole duet I will always be proud of our dance. Nothing will ever stain it or make into something ugly in my heart. The body never lies. Ever. Like all dance, our dance died in the moment. But it lives in my body and my soul.

Excerpts from Five Movements and Three Repeats begin at 2:11 in the YouTube link I have added. The Wheeldon pas danced by Wendy and Tyler is at the end of the clip. The whole Wheeldon ballet is an awe inspiring work. My apologizes to people who were led here by Google thinking this was about Christopher Wheeldon, Wendy or Tyler. I loved the music. I loved the choreography. I love the passion and beauty in both Wendy's and Tyler's dance. I love everything about ballet and what it brings to my soul in the pole studio.

9/1/12 Apparently you can't link to the Vail International YouTube videos. If you still want to see it search for this title:

NOW: Premieres - 2012 Vail International Dance Festival

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  1. This only proves that dancing can be anyone’s passion and that any form of dancing can be learned by people of all ages and gender. A good dancer is always open to all genres of dance. The important thing is that he/she can perform any routine wholeheartedly and with high self confidence.

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