Pole pas de deux

Pole pas de deux

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Studio Veena

When a guy decides to dance it helps to have safe places. Places where you are not judged and just accepted as a dancer without regard to your gender. Ballet Nouveau Colorado located in Broomfield, Colorado welcomes male dancers. I'm not sure that the teachers and staff at BNC have figured out what is up with the old guy who shows up twice a week and stumbles through a barre. But I do love the way I am treated there. Fundamentals of Ballet in your 50's is daunting.

Now I am happy to say that I have found a second place on the planet where women have welcomed a male pole dancer.

Studio Veena is an online community run by Veena Poledancer. I'm sure Poledancer is not her last name but anyone who has seen her dance can tell you she knows her stuff. It is a place where you can exchange ideas in the forums, blog about your day, take online pole lessons, and best of all post video clips of your dance without the slow uploads and goofy music policies associated with YouTube. Veena and I are friends on Facebook and she invited me to join a couple of weeks ago. So I posted some pics, filled out a profile, posted my latest dance video, and blogged.

I am still a bit surprised at the number of women who have shown total support and kindness. Yesterday I made a comment on Natasha Wang's Facebook page concerning an article she had linked to that discussed discrimination against male pole dancers. I said, "American society has a bigger problem with men dancing than women in pole dancing have with men on dance poles."

Studio Veena is just one more place that makes my point.


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