Pole pas de deux

Pole pas de deux

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sometimes Dancers Have to Cry

Yesterday one of my friends was upset about YouTube comments left on her pole dance videos. She was subject to comments about her weight (which is ridiculous by the way), and her music choices. It's easy to be cruel from the safety of the anonymous keyboard. At least a critic puts his name and face on the page. Cowards.
Artists can really tell you a lot about the hurt that comes with sharing and rejection. How could anyone say that this isn't a beautiful pole song. There is more to pole than pop. You can only do so much Lady Gaga and then you have to cry and say it with movement.
 “We try, in the most interesting way, to swim in time. Music is time. It’s not the melody that’s important but the division of time.” –George Balanchine

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  1. I hate when people do that. I am a larger than average pole dancer and I have been pretty lucky in that not a lot of haters seem to have found my videos (or are scared enough to keep their comments to themselves). There have been a few comments that have hurt my feelings but I keep my head high. Please tell your friend that I said she's f*ckin' perfect just the way she is. :-)